Saké brings Michelin starred Sushi Yuuden to Australia

Saké brings Michelin-starred Sushi Yuuden to Australia for exclusive dinners

Tuesday, 16 May 2023: Saké Restaurant & Bar is bringing guests an exclusive Michelin-starred dining experience presented by Chef Yuya Nishimura from Sushi Yuuden in Osaka, over three nights and six intimate dinners.

The renowned chef, whose eight-seat restaurant Sushi Yuuden has received 1 Michelin star for three consecutive years, makes his inaugural trip to Australia in June to collaborate with friend and former colleague Saké Brand Culinary Chef Shimpei Hatanaka and deliver a traditional edomae-style omakase sushi dining experience, featuring premium seafood from Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Together, the chefs will present 22 exquisite dishes including edomae-style sushi, which is a traditional style from Tokyo that is influenced by highly prized seafood delicacies rarely tasted in Australia and where the natural flavours excel. The exclusive menu will also include authentic mushi zushi (steamed sushi) and bouzushi (stick sushi), deep-rooted in the history and tradition of the Kansai region, including Kyoto, where seafood had to be preserved or cured.

Appetisers such as Steamed Black Lip Abalone, non-nigiri morsels such as Monkfish Liver Paté and authentic Red Miso Soup will also be incorporated into this one-of-a-kind menu.

Saké fans and sushi connoisseurs will have the rare treat of meeting Chef Nishimura, considered a sushi shokunin, or craftsman/artisan, in a beautiful private setting with each intimate dinner welcoming just 10 guests.

Despite longing since his childhood for the life of a shokunin, someone who dedicates their life to mastering their profession, Chef Nishimura says: “I still don’t have enough training to understand what sushi is.”

“The job consists of paying attention to things such as salt and vinegar, temperature control, and the customer’s expression. It is made from various research, my thoughts, and experiences. We respect the techniques, ideas, and experiences left by our predecessors, and while inheriting such traditions, we believe that we will continue to create new things throughout our lives.”

“I believe that sushi is not made by hand but formed by the heart.”

Saké Chef Hatanaka, a second-generation sushi chef who has worked at Saké for over a decade, met Chef Nishimura when they worked together at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Kyoto.

“His precision, passion, pride in his work, and constant striving to be a master of his profession is truly inspirational,” Chef Hatanaka says. “We will emulate the intimate dining experience he offers at Sushi Yuuden by welcoming to each dinner just 10 guests, who will enjoy a bespoke menu of authentic sushi and traditional dishes, as well as rare seafood delicacies from Japan.”

Saké The Rocks
6th June – 5.30pm-7.30pm & 8pm-10pm
7th June – 5.30pm-7.30pm & 8pm-10pm

Saké Hamer Hall
9th June – 5.30pm-7.30pm & 8pm-10pm


$295 per person

Includes welcome drink on arrival



Steamed Black Lip Abalone (AUS)

Snapper Sashimi (NZ)

Hay Grilled Young Pacific Bluefin Tuna (JPN)

Prowfish Yuan Yaki (JPN)


Sushi – Served with Fresh Wasabi/ Homemade Pickled Ginger

Seasonal White Fish (AUS)

Cuttlefish Or Calamari (AUS)

Garfish (AUS)

Steamed Sushi – Egg, Freshwater Eel, Prawn, Scallop, Clam (JPN/AUS)

Toro (JPN)

Tuna Akami (JPN)

Gizzard Shad (JPN)

Non Nigiri Morsels

Simmered Octopus (JPN)

Monkfish Liver Paté (JPN)



Alfonsino Or Imperador (AUS)

Salmon Roe Or Sea Urchin (AUS)

Prawn (AUS)

Rosy Seabass (JPN)

Yellow Tail Horse Mackerel Bouzushi (AUS)

Sea Eel (JPN)

Dried Gourd Hosomaki (JPN)

Egg (AUS)

Red Miso Soup/ Pickles

Menu is subject to change pending produce availability at the seafood market on the day.