Saké Manly Wharf:
Iconic Japanese Restaurant & Bar

Level 1, Manly Wharf, Manly

A Sneak Peek Behind an Exquisite Japanese Fine Dining Experience in Sydney

Located on the stunning rooftop of Manly Wharf, Saké Restaurant & Bar Manly combines a mellow beach-side vibe and casually chic dining experience from a sleek, 300-seat, Luchetti Krelle designed space with expansive views of Manly Cove.


Floor-to-ceiling, bi-fold windows and doors open to a spectacular al fresco terrace and gives diners inside and out breathtaking ocean views. Inside, the restaurant falls into several defined spaces, including a light-flooded dining room, an open kitchen featuring a sushi bar and counter seating, and an informal bar area. In addition, a succession of four private dining rooms, each seating six guests, are divided from each other by identical moongates – traditional circular openings found in Japanese architecture – with timber dowel sliding screens that can be closed to section off each room or raised to join pairs of rooms and create larger spaces. A larger private dining room seats up to 18 guests.

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Lunch Hours

Discover the essence of Japanese fine dining at Saké. Indulge in our exquisite Omakase menu for a memorable lunch in Manly Wharf, Sydney.

Dinner Hours

Delight yourself in an unforgettable dinner experience at Manly Wharf‘s premier dining destination. 

Saké Hour

Experience the ultimate Manly Happy Hour in the Northern Beaches. Enjoy our meticulously selected wines and classic sake, savouring the finest flavours of authentic Japanese beverages with every sip.


Phone: (02) 8099 7076


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The Ultimate Japanese Cuisine Experience at Manly Wharf


We accept all major credit cards (including UnionPay) and Eftpos. Credit cards incur a processing fee of 1.7%.  American Express credit card incurs a processing fee of 2.7%. Debit card and EFTPOS cards incur a processing fee of 0.95%. ‘Tap and Go’ incurs debit/credit card fee.  External payment Apps incur additional fees.  10% discretionary service charge applies to all groups of 6+. 10% surcharge applies on Sundays, 15% on public holidays. We accept Good Food Gift Cards & Gourmet Traveller Gift Cards.

About Our Japanese Menu

Premium produce and precise Japanese craftmanship underscore menus that are designed to be shared and impossible not to enjoy. Super-fresh, sustainable seafood, including MSC-certified whole Bluefin tuna, Hiramasa kingfish and Glacier 51 Toothfish, is sliced and diced by meticulous sushi masters into made-to-order delicate sushi and sashimi, intricate starters and main courses, and exquisite desserts. Centuries-old, Japanese robata grilling is another central element of each menu, delivering sensational, charcoal-smoky flavours to everything from responsibly sourced meats and seafood, to the humble, locally sourced vegetable.

Menu options include à la carte and banquet menus, as well as the revered style of Omakase dining, where guests leave themselves entirely in the expert hands of the Chef.

Group Dining

Stylish yet informal, spacious yet intimate by design, Saké Restaurant & Bar Manly Wharf boasts a range of beautiful spaces for functions and group occasions.

Small Semi-Private Room – Min 6 guests, Max 10 guests

Sora – Min 14 guests, Max 20 guests

Joined Semi-Private Room – Min 11 guests, Max 20 guests

Authentic Japanese Sushi & Sashimi Takeaway & Delivery

From our kitchen to your dining table. Indulge your Saké obsession at home with a range of classic dishes, nigiri, fine sushi and sashimi available for pick-up and delivery. There are several options available:

Experience Culinary Artistry With an Omakase Dining Journey in Sydney

Indulge in a symphony of flavours that celebrates the finest in Japanese cuisine, making your dining experience truly extraordinary. From our authentic sushi, sashimi and nigiris to our concise range of specialty beverages, we are committed to give you an unforgettable dining experience where you can feel the burst of flavours from Japan, without leaving your home.


Simple, seamless and ever so Saké!