Month: June 2022

Gourmet Traveller - Shochu Miss Wednesday

Gourmet Traveller – Shochu Miss Wednesday

Gourmet Traveller discusses Shochu – a uniquely Japanese spirit typically distilled from rice, barley or sweet potato, with Stuart Thompson, bar manager of Saké The Rocks. “Shochu is special in its own way, as it is often on par with premium vodkas and gins, without the price tag attached,” says Thompson. Read the Full Story

Courier Mail - Sushi Masterclass

Courier Mail – Sushi Masterclass

WANT to become a sushi master? While the craft typically takes up to a decade to perfect, now keen foodies can learn the culinary art in just one evening thanks to a new Brisbane masterclass. Read more in Courier Mail – Sushi Masterclass with Chef Daisuke Sakai who is leading the first-of-its-kind sushi masterclass.

Sake@Home Double Bay

CHAPA Catering – Sake@Home Double Bay

You never know what success stories a pandemic will toss up, and Double Bay restaurant Sake has found a rich vein of success in that most COVID-friendly activity of all; pick-up takeaway. Read the Full Story

Yosuke Hatanaka

Domain Review – Sushi Chef Yosuke Hatanaka

Melbourne is blessed with talented chefs, but cooking at home is vastly different to cooking in a restaurant. We rallied five experts to provide tips, bust myths and help you take your home cooking to the next level. Meet sushi chef  Yosuke Hatanaka, Brand Culinary Chef at Sake Restaurant & Bar. Read the Full Story